Recreate Your Lampshade or Scented Candles?

I’m working on a series of projects to share with you guys.But I need some help here.I’d like to know what you would want to learn so I could feature it in my next posts.Please tell me what would you prefer to learn first.This poll expires in a week so please vote now and share the link to the poll to your friends.Thank You! 🙂

A few awesome projects

If you want to learn something else, that is a craft not among the options above please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions below. 🙂


About Mei Sui

I used to personally craft gifts for family and friends. Now, I am reviving the passion and creating a blog site for my personalized gifts ideas would be of great help to fire up the flames for crafting gifts again. I was thinking of sharing these ideas with you so you too can customize gifts for people you care for.

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  1. i like it ma’am jhun.. 🙂

  2. ikaw na jud ma’am ay…super talented and intellectual…more power ma’am and God bless!

  3. Hi Nitz!

    I super like your blog. I just had the time to look at it and you rock! ;D

    • madam vitz! haaaay! just read your comment kay sa spam misulod…huhu… thanks vitz! though reply has definitely been long overdue… i love your blog too! weee… Thanks for all the helpful info! ^_^

  4. hi mam jhun ^__^ at last nagblog na jud ka 🙂

    I voted for the brownies. may na lang taas xag vote! 😀

    • hi tess! hehe…thanks sa support,tess…yeah,you were the first person to tell me i should blog..naa ko blog sa blogger taud-taud na but wala ayo nko ma-update. kini ako na ni i-update. thanks for the inspiration,tess! 🙂 and yes, thanks pod sa pag vote! hehe…I have a real simple but yummy brownies recipe. ^_^

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