Just done watching “Horton Hears A Who” and it has become part of my cherished animated films right away! Wohoo! I remember someone remarked, “Mga animations imong ganahan,ma’am noh?” Well, the answer is obviously yes but it’s not an exclusive YES. Animation is pretty much like fables — life’s greatest lessons captured in the most simple but hypothetical plot. I must say, I can enjoy something as “boring” (in the perspective of others) as Sean Penn’s Dead Man Walking or Liam Neeson’s Schindler’s List to something action-packed as my love, Jason Statham’s Death Race, The Italian Job, Bank Job, or Eric Bana’s Hannah, or as intriguing as Hannibal. But the animated has always been one of my cherished! Well, the only genre I never wanna watch are those like SAW. I would love to experience what my ex would call as, “unpredictable turn of events” (he’s an avid fan of Saw) but I just can’t bear the gory part of it.


Anyways, going back to animation. That friend of mine prodded me further with a follow up question, “ngano?” Oh, well the answer was a dreamy, “super nice man gud ang mga lessons” then he said like, “mao ra man, balik-balik.”


Well, I guess that makes my whole experience unique with each time I watch an animated movie. I watch them with fresh eyes, and I empty my cup so there’ll be room for something that could be unique but not necessarily new. The plot may have some similarities but how writers tailor the lines and play with words are so uniquely different that anyone sensitive enough could recall a personal experience or a social observation. The characters seem to be like innocent creatures dealing with little issues at a microlevel, but with universal applications! This is the best part of it — the awe I experience through inductive, and deductive reasoning out of these stories. 🙂


Horton Hears A Who, as some of other animations I’ve seen has put a mark in my heart! That part when the clover flower was about to be dropped into that boiling water and all the people of Whosville in that tiny little speck shouted, “WE ARE HERE” up to the last scene when Horton sang, “And even if I wonder I’m keeping you in sight” and then everybody sang the rest of the song with Jojo taking the last part to such emotional height sent me to tears! OA jud ko but yeah, in my world I am not. I just love to feel, and suck everything I can out of every bit of the morrow of life! 🙂


In Horton, the Kangaroo (who served as town chief) was determined to stop Horton from spreading what he believes — that there are tiny people in the speck. The Kangaroo feared that Horton’s behavior, his eccentric sense of adventure and independent thinking, not heeding her advice, would influence their young and encourage them to question authority. Whew! That was so commonplace, suppressing the truth to maintain authority! BUT not so common when placed in a jungle filled with animals that talk! I find it cute. 🙂


Now i don’t wanna spoil it, so if you wanna see the story in your own perspective you better watch it. I might have looked at it differently. I advocate experiencing life through your own senses and understanding it with your own perception. ^^ But oh, I can’t let this cute thing pass though — I love the friendship between Horton the Elephant and Morton the Mouse! Friendship knows no size! 🙂



Here’s some of my favorite quotes from the movie:


“Maybe they’re not small. Maybe we’re just big.”

— Horton

(Yeah, sure. A perfect example of “it’s all but a matter of perspective”)


“The jungle is no place to act like a wild animal.”

— Kangaroo

(Some authorities obviously impose some rules that are apparently impractical)


“My, that Horton certainly is eccentric? And that children are learning so much from him. Learning to be a bunch a hell brain half-wits. And that’s why my Rudy is pouch schooled.”

— Kangaroo

(Eccentricity is never popular — Aw! Don’t worry Horton, you’re not alone. I hear you — I feel you, in me. ^^)


“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

— Narrator, Horton, Dr. Hoovey

(A person’s a person even if he’s a mouse, or a porcupine — because an individual’s personhood lies in being who, not what he is.)


“No! Really, think about it. What if there is someone way out there, looking down on our world right now. And to them, we are the speck. And then this someone else come along, he say, “Oh, there can’t be people that small.” And the first guy would say “Are you calling me a lier?” And the second guy would say “If the shoe fits wear it, and now that fits a blind.” and the first guy pick supper break. And you might wanna zip up the pouch for this next part.”

— Horton


“If you can’t see, hear, or feel something it doesn’t exist.”

— Kangaroo

(I don’t know, sometimes it’s the arrogance like calling ourselves twice superior — homo SAPIENS SAPIENS, or sometimes, it’s the fear of the unknown, or our incapacity to handle the truth that WE ARE NOT ALONE! hahaha)



Oh, dear this will be very long if I’d really indulge myself into sharing my favorite lines…maybe some lines in the movie weren’t really meant to mean anything as hypothetical as I want to believe they do. Aw, it’s all a matter of perspective anyway. I choose to learn from what I just saw, and be amused at that. 🙂


Go now, watch that movie! FEEL it…and listen! Oh please, LISTEN — don’t just watch! 🙂


About Mei Sui

I used to personally craft gifts for family and friends. Now, I am reviving the passion and creating a blog site for my personalized gifts ideas would be of great help to fire up the flames for crafting gifts again. I was thinking of sharing these ideas with you so you too can customize gifts for people you care for.

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