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A Gift for My Parents — Stones for Health

I have been concerned with my parents’ health. Recently,  I talked to my mother on the phone and found out that she has been so stressed out from work lately. Then I remembered an article I read on foot massage and reflexology. I then thought of reminding her and my father to find time to take short walks. They are not so into exercising. So I thought of making the “walk” a bit different than usual. She loves gardens as most women do so as my father. So I suggested we build a neat little Zen garden somewhere around the house that would have rounded and smooth stones as pavement.

Each morning or maybe in the evening after work they can walk barefoot on the stones to get that daily dose of foot massage and a short walk. They can take a walk to and fro while tending to the flowers or they can play with my nephew and take a few running over-here-and-there, or they can simply take those paces while enjoying the company of each other under a canopy of stars. ♥.♥ I suggested they try walking on the stones after a hot day, the stones would be warm and it would feel good on their feet!

I am thinking of something that may look like the one below but not necessarily similar in landscape. We don’t have the luxury of space at home. The stones too should be rounded smooth so they won’t hurt their feet. The ones used below are rough and would more likely do harm than good. 🙂

Well, you might want to try this too for your parents. If you are working at another city, which makes you live away from them you can bring some new ornamental plants, or flowers or something to posh up your parents’ HEALTH GARDEN with each time you go home. 🙂


How To Make Your Own Gift Bag

Years ago Christmas season used to start as soon as the month’s name got a –ber at its end. This year, the change is conspicuous. The streets seem bare when I was expecting lights of different colors blinking everywhere. I expected Christmas songs being played in malls and stores. There’s none. Maybe it’s the recession. I’d like to think people would have wanted to live up to how-it-used-to-be in preparing for Christmas but couldn’t do it for austerity reasons rather than people had simply outgrown the joys that Christmas brings and reduced it into an empty tradition (crossing fingers here).

Anyway, so here it goes. Christmas is fast approaching and I bet most of us are thinking about how to make gift-giving extra special, and one way of making it beyond the usual is making it personalized or making the gift yourself – or you can wrap it up with something you made! 

This blog post is about making your own gift bags and boxes. I have been making stuffs like this before and came to think of sharing the idea with you guys. This project can be completed within 10 minutes and you might even consider making extra pieces and posting them on line for sale.

Please share with us your finished projects by posting photos of your finished projects and perhaps throw us a few lines on how you enjoyed doing them.









So how did I make this gift bag? Here’ how…

First you need the following materials:







Sketch the pattern of the gift bag as illustrated in the picture. The broken lines indicates that you need to fold those parts, solid lines are to be cut.





Fold the sides from the inside out, flatten the folded part with a ruler or any level edged stuff. Fold it again the other way to ensure the sides of your bag are in place.










Glue it up. 🙂






Accessorize. In this project, I used a beaded lace from an old mask and attached it to one of the sides of the bag.
It’s easy and definitely fun to do!



Consider visiting the sites below for more templates on these kinds of projects. Enjoy gift-giving and wrapping them up with your creativity and affection.


Happy holidays everyone! 🙂

Helpful sites:

3 Simple Tips to Figure Out What to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

What can you possibly give to someone who has given her everything to you? Mother’s Day is on its way. Have you thought of the “appropriate” gift for your mom yet? But how do you know what would touch your mom’s heart? True enough, it’s the thought that counts. That’s exactly the very reason  why we need to really think aboutwhat would make our mom gasp in pleasurable surprise or grin in amusement, or perhaps shed tears of joy! I was thinking how this blog would help us come up with a personalized gift idea for our moms who obviously have different interests and personalities. So the goal now is to offer tips on picking up or creating the “right” present instead of listing specific gifts you can possibly give. You might want to consider the following in your brainstorming:

me and Mama at a resort...

Bonding with Mama in Davao City, Philippines

1. Observe what gets your mom’s interest. What does she usually do in her free time? What does she often wish to do when she gets caught up with so many things? The answer to this question might give you an idea of what she loves to do because what she might be doing almost always may not necessarily be what makes her happy. She might just have to do them out of responsibility or necessity.

2. Be keen on what makes your mom say “wow!” There might have been times when you would hear your mom exclaim in awe how beautiful her kumare’s brooch, or her collection of Bromeliads or maybe her new hairstyle is. You might be spoiling the surprise if you would directly ask her if she wants one of those too. But it may not necessarily pre-empty your plan to surprise her if you would transform your questions to remarks. Conversations of this kind would eventually show your mom’s preferred activities or stuffs. You can guide the conversation by not asking blatant questions but compliments, or perhaps combine a statement with a question, which would give her the chance to either support or oppose if she doesn’t like the idea of having that bonsai collection or that new hairstyle for instance. You can say this, “Aunt’s new hairstyle made her look younger, don’t you think mom?” With this she can either agree or disagree and most of the time mothers don’t usually leave an answer without further explaining the reason they think as such. So you have a great chance to really find out what she has to say about it’s appropriateness for someone like her. Voila! You got exactly what makes her say “wow” or “oh no, never mind!” This will surely save you time figuring out how you would ask her without giving her a hint that you are up to giving her a surprise!

3. Think of the things your mom have never tried or never had. “There’s always the first time,” they say. Your mom might not really think she needs it nor she would enjoy it but who knows, she hasn’t had one ever after all. She might just realized she actually likes it when you bring her to that beauty salon for a make-over or buy her that phone if you got some extra money to spend. Sometimes, our moms forget about what they want or need simply because they are more into thinking after our own “needs” and perhaps, “wants” and so even for once they would surely appreciate the experience when they get to do something that would have otherwise made them feel guilty had they’ve been the one who decided to get that make-over or that cellphone.

I hope the tips above would be of help to you as you pick out that “Mother’s Day Special” and I hope this blog isn’t that late yet for the big day! When you get the idea of what would be that special stuff or moment for your mom will be, rush into the nearest shop or book that place right away. Don’t wait until this Sunday. You might get into an unplanned night-out with friends just before then and spend the money for buying that Mother’s Day present, or places might get booked to the last table or so by Mother’s Day! You have my best of wishes for you and your mom. I look forward to hearing your Mother’s Day story here in my site if you have the time. Please share with us your experience. I’d love to know if this blog had somehow helped you in a way or the other, or not. ^_^

Mother's Day Gift

A specially crafted gift to a very special lady...Mama!

For helpful ideas on unique gifts for your mom visit the following websites:,,,0,4619136.story,

You might want to take this short quiz to help you further on picking the right gift for your mom:

Sharing the Good Life!

Hi! This is my first blog here on WordPress. I’ve thought of devoting a blog site that focuses to what I love, which would also be of interest to other readers like you. Then the idea of lumping altogether my hobbies into one general topic came across my mind. I used to craft gifts out of my hobbies and the feeling was fulfilling both in my part and that of the recipients. So, I decided to start sharing my thoughts and ideas on creating highly personalized gifts with you.

A Sister's Love

My youngest sister, CJ's greetings on Valentine's Day

Certainly, giving is an essential element of a happy life. While it feels good to receive, it is equally fulfilling being able to share our blessings to other people in any form. It is even more heartwarming to tell people how much we care for them in ways other than saying the words. This blog will be all about sharing our heart with the people in our lives through little gifts of love. I will be posting gift ideas for different occasions then. I will also be featuring websites that offer heartwarming giftables and gift ideas, even videos on how to design and craft your very own gifts. 

Who says finding the right gift for someone is that hard? All it takes is the spirit to give and a bit of imagination and creativity. I will do my best to share with you worth-trying ideas that would give you the chance to play with materials and methods to help you come up with your own personalized and customized giftables. Enjoy browsing through my blogs. Everyday is just as perfect as any day for giving gifts of love!